Checkpoint Huixtla, Chiapas

As with many of the checkpoints we passed, there were a number of signs at the Huixtla checkpoint. One said said: “NO photos.”

There was also a sign that read:

“Ser soldado es mi vocación

Servir a la Patria es la pasión de mi vida.”

[Being a soldier is my vocation. Serving my nation is my life’s passion]

Another sign read:

“No necesitas migrar al ‘Norte’

Tu eres importante en tu comunidad. Ahí puedes hacer muchas cosas.

No te arriesgues. El sueño de una vida mejor puedes hacerlo realidad sin tener que migrar.”

[You don’t have to migrate north. You are important in your own community. You can do many things there. Don’t put yourself at risk. Your dream of a better life can be a reality without having to migrate.]


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