Albergue Jesus El Buen Pastor and Refugio los 3 Ángeles

In 1998, Olga Sánchez Martínez, horrified by what she had witnessed during a stay in the Hospital Regional de Tapachula, began to treat migrants who had been injured or had fallen sick during their journey through Mexico. Although the migratory routes and modes of transportation have changed significantly in the wake of Plan Frontera Sur, the shelter continues to treat the physical and mental wounds of migrants passing through Tapachula. In addition to providing medical care, prosthetic devices, and a space for recovery, the shelter also provides migrants with services like professional training workshops.

In June 2015, Olga Sánchez Martínez opened a new shelter next to Albergue Jesus El Buen Pastor called Refugio los 3 Ángeles. This facility provides lodging for up to 45 days for asylum-seeking families while their requests for refugee status are processed by Mexican state actors.

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